Most Oil Sellers and Brokers Fail — Primitive Oil Selling Procedures That Sell in our Internet Era

Primitive oil and petroleum products sellers, and their brokers and agents, who operate in the so-called “secondary market” of the international oil market today, do not usually share this, or like to do so. Or like the fact about this to be known. In deed, many of them would rather that it be kept obscured, or simply misrepresented. But, the fact is that one distinctive part of their business “reality” is this: as a group, they generally close no deals nor make any sales for the oil product they purport to have available to sell, and, in fact, the vast majority of them often go for months, even years, or perhaps for good, without ever landing a good single sales contract or deal. It is probably what might simply be called “the open secret” of the oil selling industry!

Likely the principal and most sensitive thing about which most such sellers and intermediaries (the agents, facilitators, mandates, brokers, etc. ) are least “forthcoming” and “misrepresenting” about, is finance broker singapore concerning the number and volume of sales deals they have ever closed, if any, or the income they have earned in the trade, if any. Simply put, the vast majority of these operatives generally close no deals, and earn almost nothing. Most of them go for months, even years — or forever — without successfully closing any sales deals, not to bring earning a good dime in commission income!

As Nakasaka input it, describing his findings: “Another factor i always thought was odd was that most of the brokers I mention with never closed a D2 deal despite their months and sometimes years in this business. There was one broker who claimed that she had pending deals, and two who stated that they did in fact close these deals. However, Used to do not discover their whereabouts reputable. inch

A well known fact that is by now well-established and not susceptible to any disputation whatsoever among reputable experts in the industry, is that the overwhelming majority of selling offers peddled by primitive oil and petroleum product “sellers” in the so-called “secondary” oil markets, and their brokers, agents, and other intermediaries, are fake and bogus. In deed, some objective studies and research have put its extent at a massive level of some 99. 999999 percent of all offers presented for sale. Probably the only thing of much redeeming value that could be stated about this, is that with particular respect to those who act as foreign brokers and intermediaries in the business, some of them may often be engaged fraudulently in the business but innocently and unwittingly, mistakenly assuming that the deal or selling operation is authentic and legitimate, when it actually is not.

Put very simply, perhaps no place is the saying that “we live in an extensive interconnected world” more applicable today than in the world of the international buying and selling of primitive oil and petroleum products. For the most part, the majority of that one needs in order to be a “seller” of primitive oil or petroleum product, or his agent, legitimate or not, who are operating out of any the main world, is simply to have an access to a computer and an Internet connection. That’s just about all! Unfortunately, however, one dire negative effect of this so-called “revolution of the Internet” (among many others), has been that many who now claim to be, or operate as, “sellers” or the sellers’ “brokers” or “agents, inch are largely uneducated or semi-illiterate, inexperienced and unskilled, and are lacking in any familiarity with the proper fundamentals of international oil trading.

“Have you pointed out that as you’ve searched Google and libraries, and looked high and low, finding items of information occasionally, you encounter interesting phenomena: very little practical information on the art and science of dealing in International trade as an independent investor exists in a comprehensive way. Certain practices, documents, and procedures; mysterious acronyms such as “NCND” or “MPA, inch are thrown backwards and forwards, badly dangerous model documents and forms may filter your way, but the reality is that most experimented with home based traders, brokers — or, more properly, intermediaries — learn through highly expensive ‘trial and error, ha… often re-inventing the wheel each time, in that ever-elusive search for a deal and knowledge on what to close that deal. inch

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