Going Downtown Or Shopping From the Comfort of Your Own Home (Online Shopping Vs High Street)

There will always be something that you need to spend your well earned pennies on, whether daily, weekly or monthly. Apart from the everyday bills, there will always be the need to buy for birthday presents, anniversary presents, presents for children’s parties, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and not forgetting the biggest shopping demand of all, Christmas (and if you know a lot of people this list could be never ending). Well that’s the gifts mentioned, but what about all the other shopping needs that are sometimes necessary. Things like when a washing machine breaks down, or even when your child needs some fancy dress costume for their school play or friends party? There will always be something to go shopping for, and online shopping in islamabad this usually means having to traipse around the shops to find either the ideal gift, or the best price and quality for other items.
Sometimes having a meander around the shops can be quite therapeutic when you are not pushed for time. Actually taking a day off from the everyday responsibilities, and perusing the shops to see the change in fashion trends and what’s on offer can be very enjoyable. Incorporate shopping with either a lunch out, and/or a coffee in a swanky café can actually be bliss and a real treat for many.
For me personally, I prefer to get all my shopping done online. As a busy mum, plodding around the shops is the last thing on my “to do” list, especially at Christmas, when there are just too many to buy for, and the shops are way too busy. At Christmas, I write down all the people I need to get presents for, and then keep in a handy, secret place and jot down ideas as and when I think of them. Then I go online and shop for the best value and quality for those particular items. Of course, there may be a couple of occasions when I will need to go to the high street shops to get some inspiration for the “I really don’t know what to get” for certain, hard to buy members on my list.
As many can appreciate, having children of a school age can produce a great deal of purchasing. Costume days at school, school fetes (where parents contribute and donate), school uniforms, friends parties (presents will be required, and if you are lucky enough, another fancy dress costume), school shoes, teachers presents, not to mention arts and crafts bits and pieces for their creative homework. The list goes on and on and on….. If I didn’t have the power of the internet at my fingertips, I would be continuously running to and from the shops. Thus, I wouldn’t have a great deal of time to do much else.
Online shopping is so easy. Just start typing a keyword into the little search engine box and wham, up comes a list of shops specialising in that area. Of course, not everybody enjoys wading through all the online shops for the best deal. I believe shopping from the comfort of your own home is a much more desirable way to shop for the must have’s, rather than having to face the weather elements in the hope of finding what you are looking for in the high street shops. However, it’s a good job that we don’t all feel the same way, as I would not like to see high street shops done away with by the overwhelming popularity of the internet. Shopping in town with friends, and making a day of it is still a much needed therapeutic luxury in the hectic lifestyle that we lead.

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