Give Your Political Campaign Promotions a new Twist

From “I Like Ike” to “Yes We can! ” political pins have always carried big messages. As far back as George Washington’s first presidential campaign, candidates have used pins as a way of sharing their vision with voters. Even after the election is over, these pins remain valued keepsakes. Today’s campaign pins are used in much the same way, but advanced manufacturing techniques have turned this popular item into a true piece of jewelry.

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Stylish Lapel Pin

You’ll make a great impression on volunteers and voters alike with a fashionable lapel pin. Reward voters for their ongoing support at rallies and other events with a beautiful lapel pin depicting your name and  Trb card  photo. Crafted of metal and offset printed for incredible detailing and lasting beauty, these pins are a superior alternative to the buttons of yesterday, and are destined to become instant collectors’ items.

As a token of appreciation for volunteers and donors, lapel pins are perfect. They’re affordable and stylish, and their elegant appearance makes them unlikely to be tossed in a drawer and forgotten. Instead, metal lapel pins are cherished – and worn – for many months or even years after they’re received. Because they’re available in a variety of colors and styles, they’re ideal for rewarding different groups based on their level of participation or donation.

Consider bronze, silver, and gold pins for differing donation amounts. Or add a colored gemstone to signify a volunteer’s place in your organization. Detailed molds make it possible to include dates, names, and even logos for a truly personal gift.

Easily Customizable for every Occasion

Lapel pins may be stylish and sophisticated, but they’re still affordable enough to allow you to do something special for each stop on your campaign tour. Consider pins created in the shape of each state, just in time for their primary. Or pins branded with the logo of supporting organizations like the UAW or The new York Times – they’re ideal for handing out to attendees at a rally or fundraising dinner.

You don’t have to be a presidential candidate to benefit from a few well-placed lapel pins. Grassroots, door-to-door campaigns are ideal for passing out pins to your constituents. Fliers might quickly find their way into the recycle bin, but a beautiful metal pin bearing your name and slogan will find a place of honor in most any home. What better way to be remembered at the polls than with a lasting, quality piece of jewelry?

Ordering lapel pins for your campaign couldn’t be easier. Simply look for a reputable manufacturer who specializes in quality pins. They should provide free design work along with color matching capabilities. Make sure they offer several base material options (brass, copper and iron for example) and a variety of styles to choose from. Some popular choices include offset printed for intricate detail such as photos, die struck for the look of engraved metal, and cloisonné for rich colors outlined in a metal framework. In addition, check their turnaround time and shipping policies to be sure your pins arrive on time and undamaged.

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