Engage Your Audience More Effectively By Using Bulleted Lists

Using a bulleted list is a good way to break apart key points and communicate information to an audience in a clear and concise way. Many people appreciate the simplicity of a bulleted list as opposed to reading through a paragraph of text. In case you have not seen a bulleted list before in one of the Microsoft Office programs, this is what it looks like:

-Line 1

-Line 2

-Line 3

-Line 4

-Line 5

(When you use bullets in Microsoft Office, the bullets will actually look different. In fact, there are many different types of bullets to choose from. Bullets actually come in all shapes and sizes – circles, checkboxes, wingdings, etc. More about this at the end of this article)

Bulleted lists can be created in many of the Microsoft  30-30 ammo 500 rounds  Office programs, including, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

To create a bulleted list:

-Position your cursor where you want the bulleted list to begin.

-If you are in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, using your mouse, single left-click on the Home tab and then single left-click on the small arrow to the right of the Bullets button. (If you are in Outlook, single left-click on the Message tab (after you have opened a new email). All of the following steps will be the same no matter which Microsoft Office program you are in.)

-A dropdown box will appear.

-Using your mouse, single left-click on the bullet of your choice.

-Your first bullet point will automatically appear! All you need to do is type text and when you are ready to move down to the next line, hit the Enter key on your keyboard.


-If at any time you no longer want to continue your bulleted list, hit the Enter key on your keyboard twice. The bullets will end. Or if you want to remove the bullets from your list (but keep your list), highlight the entire list, and then using your mouse, single left-click on the Bullets button on the Home (or Message) tab. The bullets should disappear.

-If you want to explore bullets beyond what you see in the initial dropdown, rather than selecting one of the bullets you initially see in the dropdown, instead, click on Define New Bullet (at the bottom of the list) and then click on Symbol. In the new box that appears, you should see “Wingdings” at the top of the box. If you don’t, scroll to select Wingdings. You can now choose any of these for a bullet! Simply click on the selected Wingding, click on OK, and then click on OK again.



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